Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Job posting Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Job posting - Assignment Example The core responsibilities of an administrative assistant include maintaining the workflow in the office and supervising the junior and interns in the office setup. The assistant creates systems and procedures to be implemented in the office. The assistant derives systems and procedures from analyzing office practices, office layout, budgetary requirements, and forms control among other office duties. The administrative assistant also delegates and develops other administrative staff in the office. The assistant provides information on the office such as educational opportunities and opportunities to further their careers. The resolving of administrative problems is also the duty of the assistant; the administrative assistant resolves problems through coordinating reports, data analysis and identifying solutions from the reports. The maintenance of office equipment is also a task of the administrative assistant. The maintenance duties include the calling experts to service the office equipment, keeping an inventory of the equipment periodically and the assessing of new office equipment. The administrative assistant is an employee who knows the workings of the office and has all the answers on matters regarding the office. The Assistant also maintains and improves his or her skills by attending workshops, establishing professional networks and partaking in professional bodies and societies. The education recruitments of an administrative assistant are minimal compared to other jobs. The minimum requirement for this work is GCSE, GED or any other equivalent certification. Proficient computer skills are an added advantage to those pursuing this line of work. Other skills include good telephone skills due to the communicative nature of the work. The job of an administrative assistant operates in an office

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